About Us

Your True Staffing Partner

ManeHire was created with two goals in mind: to make it easier to hire great people…and enable our clients to exceed their marketplace goals.

How do we do this? As our mission statement reads –

At ManeHire, we take a very hands-on approach. Our staffing professionals will invest the time it takes to really learn about your company, understands your goals, and then offer you the right solutions to help your business grow.

Whether you are a small business looking to fill a short-term job opening or a major employer seeking to control labor costs and boost productivity, we have the experience and resources to deliver the right fit.

Our Track Record

At ManeHire, what we do for our clients is more than just our job, it is a commitment built on pride. After all, we are only as good as the service we deliver, and since 2013 we have worked hard to make that service exceptional. We are committed to being the right partner, with the right solutions and the right fit.

An Honest, Ethical, and Professional Approach

We know how difficult it can be to gain an advantage in business today. By working with ManeHire, our experience becomes your advantage. We will use the same honest, ethical and professional approach to building your business as we have in building our own. Each member of our senior management team has a minimum of 20 years industry experience and service. That type of experience sets us apart and can help set you apart from your competition. ManeHire can provide you with great people, the key to any company’s success.

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