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Front view of diverse business people looking at camera while working together at conferen

Your inclusion action plan needs ManeHire.


The Challenge:

Companies are spending more than ever on diversity, equity, and inclusion initiatives, but they're still failing to support diverse talent in meaningful ways with DEI training and coaching.

How ManeHire can help:

ManeHire Talent Solutions helps your company provide underrepresented employees access to confidential coaching.

  • HR Leaders can provide diverse talent with an outlet that feels safe from judgment or retribution and reinforces cultural diversity training in the workplace.

  • Coaches work outside the walls of employees’ companies, providing them with neutral and unbiased guidance.

  • Employees from underrepresented groups benefit from equitable access and confidential sessions with objective coaches, and they tend to use Manehire Talent Solutions at higher rates.

  • Employers gain actionable insights with aggregated and de-identified data from confidential employee conversations. This data helps employers know where to focus their ongoing diversity, equity, and inclusion efforts.

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