Automated Timekeeping

ManeHire’s automated timekeeping systems help build an effortless tracking, invoicing, and payment process for you and your contingent workforce. Our Timekeeping Module helps ensure that your accounts payable department receives accurate invoices in a timely manner because no duplicate timecard entry is necessary. Your temporary and contract associates will also appreciate our automated timekeeping systems, because they eliminate lost or damaged timecards, allowing workers to get paid accurately and on time.

Web-based Timekeeping

  • Eliminate manual timekeeping
  • Help control labor usage and budget allocations
  • Facilitate timely invoicing and allocation of labor
  • Track hours worked by department, project, or cost center
  • Allow supervisors to approve and edit timecards via the Internet
  • Ensure integrity of the billing process for all temporaries from all approved vendors
  • Produce time-related management reports (i.e., FTE measurements)