Background Checks

The bottom line your applicants’ history will go a long way in predicting their future behavior and a thorough employee background check helps you make an informed choice.

There are seven compelling reasons to run Background Checks on all job applicants:

  • To provide a safe workplace for employees and customers
  • To hire the most qualified people who will help to grow your business, not to destroy it
  • To minimize exposure from employee liability by practicing “due diligence” in the hiring process.
  • To encourage honesty in the application and interview process.
  • To discourage applicants with something to hide
  • To eliminate uncertainty in the hiring process

Relying on instinct alone is not enough!

If your company chooses to manage your hiring process in-house but you lack the time or resources to effectively implement background checks, ManeHire can help. We offer interactive skill and behavioral assessments that can help evaluate a candidate’s skill level in many different categories.

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