Director, Facilities Engineering and Operations

This position directs a team of experienced professionals responsible for facility management and facility operations in support
of a multi-state real estate asset portfolio comprising of approximately 1M square feet of office, and garage space supporting
the needs of over 3,000 employees in our offices. This position will utilize internal and external resources to support building
infrastructure and systems planning, architectural design, energy and sustainability management, facility engineering,
construction activities and employee services related to the workplace.

EXPERIENCE: (Years of experience)
A minimum of 12 years of facilities engineering, management, facility planning, and construction project management
Must be knowledgeable in varied technical specialties associated with facility management such as; architecture,
facility engineering, electrical distribution, HVAC, fire protection systems, construction management, energy management,
and state and federal building codes.
Experience should include a background in a corporation with multiple real estate
locations and holdings.
Management of critical infrastructure to support mission-critical IS rooms and 24 x 7 facilities operations.

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