Materials Manager

Primary Function: Purchasing, Production Planning, Inventory Control, and Materials Receipt Verification.


  • Bachelor’s Degree or Equivalent experience
  • Minimum of 5 years in a manufacturing environment
  • Special Skills Required: Working knowledge of manufacturing software and the ability to generate and analyze various manufacturing reports
  • The ability to focus and concentrate despite interruptions and the many noises associated with a manufacturing environment

Duties & Responsibilities

  • Raw Materials and Components
  • The Materials Manager receives a purchase requisition for materials needed
  • The Materials Manager contacts the appropriate vendors (s) getting a current price and lead time
  • Periodically check all open PO’s calling vendors to check on the status of the orders
  • Inform the Production Manager and the Vice President of Operations of the ship date
  • Work with the Vice President of Operations to locate, identify, research and meet with possible back up vendors
  • Submit packing lists to Controller on a timely basis noting any damages and or discrepancies
  • Production Control
  • Enter all orders on the schedules
  • Work with the Production Managers and the Vice President of Operations to fit in all rush orders in a way not to cause any unnecessary delay’s the shipping schedule
  • Attend all scheduled Production Meetings
  • Work closely with Production Managers and the Vice President of Operations to schedule the required quantities of the various subassemblies needed to support the shipping schedule
  • Report daily/weekly production totals into the Visual manufacturing system
  • Inventory Control
  • Work closely with the Vice President of Operations and Production Managers to maintain accurate usage statistic for all raw materials and components
  • Monitor inventory level of parts, components, and subassemblies per established levels and adjust as necessary
  • Work closely with the Production Manager and the Vice President of Operations to maintain adequate inventory levels to support demand
  • Work with the rest of the Operations team to minimize and or eliminate obsolete materials and finished goods and communicating with Sales and Customer Service all necessary information
  • Take part and work closely with plant personnel to take the physical inventory
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